To get the job you want, start with your resume

The amount of time a recruiter spends looking at your resume is roughly six seconds.  Make that first impression count.

Did you know? 

  • An average of 250 resumes are received for each job position.
  • Average time spent looking at your resume is 5-7 seconds.  It's worth repeating!
  • 88% job rejection rate if you have a photo of yourself on your resume.  It's still not a good idea to put a photo on your resume. Online profiles found the human eye is naturally drawn to photos, in this case the profile photo, which prevented recruiters from looking at more relevant data such as experience.

 For people who are unemployed or underemployed, figuring out how to stand out in the job search is crucial. Despite discovering job openings that fit your experience, you send your resume out and feel you're continuously overlooked in favor of someone with equal qualifications.

Don’t get overlooked again.  With a Visual  Resume 

Visual design is the way to differentiate yourself from other job candidates. Design in general is increasingly important in the business world.

Your resume is literally your first point of contact — your first chance to put yourself in the "yes" bucket.

Presenting information visually is a plus, especially in a time when Pinterest, Instagram and other visual experiences are winning our time and attention.

The advantage is in the design!


Do you have questions about what to include on your resume? 

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